New Smart Farm Bodes Well for Bowery Farming

New York-based company, Bowery Farming, opened their largest, most technologically advanced smart farm in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Deemed their “smartest farm yet”, the new farm features several developments that lay the foundation for the next chapter in smart indoor farming. The advanced developments include water conservation to recapture water from plants, more energy efficient LED lighting, and utilization of their proprietary farm operating system, BoweryOS, that uses computer vision, automation, and machine learning to monitor crops. Known for developing indoor farms with crops stacked vertically floor to ceiling, the Bethlehem farm is a previous industrial site transformed into a modern farmland – according to Bowery, while the outside of the site looks like a warehouse, the inside is filled with leafy greens such as varieties of lettuce. Bowery’s Bethlehem Farm brings fresh produce to 50 million people within a 200-mile radius of the farm by partnering with regional retail customers including Whole Foods Market, Giant of Landover, and Albertsons, as well as e-tailers like Amazon Fresh. Founded in 2015, Bowery is the largest vertical farming company in the United States and now serves more than 1,000 grocery stores in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.