NGVC Offers Free Clean Water During Midland Boil Order

An early-January boil order in Midland, Texas, left many residents without ready access to clean water. Colorado-based Natural Grocers stepped in and made filtered water available for free to those affected in communities surrounding their Midland location until the boil notice was lifted. The city became unable to treat water to standard specifications following a water main break in the supply line from ground source water. City officials issued a boil-water notice to limit health risks associated with water used for drinking, brushing teeth, washing fresh produce, preparing food and baby formula, making ice and keeping pets hydrated.

The Midland NGVC location’s reverse osmosis water filtration machines were made available, free of charge, for residents of Midland and surrounding communities impacted by the notice. The ultraviolet sterilization used in these machines disinfects water with UV light and is designed to produce water that does not need to be boiled or otherwise decontaminated before being consumed. Residents were limited to two free gallons of water per person per day, due to capacity limitations of the filtration system.

“We are here to support our community as we navigate this challenging situation together,” said Brian Phillips, director of store operations for Natural Grocers. “Please spread the word to friends and neighbors. We are thankful for your business and hope this will help you and your family.”