One Step Closer announces 2023 Zero Waste Packaging Campaign

The adage that “two heads are better than one, four heads are better than two, etc.” may seem trite, but in the case of creating a major change to the status quo there are few things more powerful than bringing together diverse groups of people and voices around a central goal. And one of the issues most pressing to our industry today is the reduction of packaging waste and plastic pollution.

In 2013, OSC formed the Packaging Collaborative with the goal of removing petroleum-based plastic from landfills, oceans, and our planet by securing compostable and renewable flexible film structures for packaging. Through programs like shelf-life testing, field validation of compostable films, and comparative LCA’s on materials, OSC is helping to provide a data-driven approach to the advancement of compostable packaging.

The OSC Packaging Collaborative will kick off the second annual industry wide One Step Closer to Zero Waste Campaign at Expo West 2023, and all companies are invited to register to get involved now. The Zero Waste Campaign was developed to create a collaborative platform to reduce and eliminate single use plastics in our businesses and everyday lives and provides the tools and education that industry members and consumers need to be a force in the packaging revolution. This industry wide campaign celebrates all forms of packaging progress, including packaging reduction, recyclable, refillable and compostable innovations. We invite stakeholders including materials manufacturers, brands, policy makers and consumers into the conversation around zero waste.

This past year’s Campaign spotlighted brand and manufacturer innovations that reduce single-use plastic waste while also providing clear and tangible calls to action, including advancing plastic and packaging policy platforms. OSC invited participants to use shared language and visual components to talk about their zero waste journeys with the goal of creating a collective conversation. We had over 100 participants, including Sambazon, Dr. Bronner’s, Harmless Harvest, Numi Tea, Alter Eco, Lundberg Family Farms, and Organic India. The calls to action and brand stories rippled across the industry via a network effect. While the core messaging was consistent, the brand stories painted a nuanced and uplifting picture of the future of packaging.

Twenty-five of the 100 participating brands committed to transitioning at least one of their current packaging materials to a more sustainable option by the end of 2022. Additionally, tens of thousands of people were exposed to the Campaign content and thousands of consumers engaged in online and in-person events. OSC will expand this campaign in 2023 to reach an even wider audience. Everyone in the Natural Products and CPG industry is invited to have a voice and participate in 2023! Contact details below.

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