One UNFI Transformation Plan Improves Efficiency

This fall, select customers who pull from UNFI’s York, Pennsylvania DC will move to UNFI’s new Manchester, Pennsylvania facility. All full case orders will come from our new Manchester location while single pick, or repack items, will come from our new repack hub in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Repack orders from Carlisle will then be sent to the Manchester DC to be merged and delivered to customers on one truck.

Carlisle handles repack items, or non-refrigerated items that UNFI sells to customers in less than a master case. Some exceptions may apply for inner pack items with a cube greater than 2.2, or items sensitive to temperature thresholds.

The optimization of both Manchester and Carlisle facilities is part of the One UNFI transformation plan. This will help UNFI create a more efficient and effective supply chain through the implementation of technology and automation solutions.

The improvements you can expect to see are:

  • The new 1.3 million square foot Manchester location provides a greater capacity to hold

product offerings, supporting your growth through increased volume.

  • Manchester’s picking technology will enhance order accuracy.
  • State-of-the-art automation technology in Carlisle will yield greater order processing accuracy

while minimizing damage.

  • In 2025, new full case automation technology will be deployed in Manchester resulting in

improved capacity, procurement efficiency, and inventory management.

  • This transition will provide long term benefits such as improved customer service level and a

smaller carbon footprint.

At this time continue to operate business as usual. More information to come.