Outfox Hospitality Files Chapter 7

Foxtrot convenience stores and Dom’s Kitchen & Market parent company, Outfox, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in the District of Delaware in mid-May. Foxtrot had 33 locations in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Austin, Texas and Dom’s had two stores in Chicago. All locations abruptly closed on April 23rd which was followed by employee class action lawsuits against the company alleging that they were not given the required 60-day notice before being terminated. In an auction, Foxtrot’s assets were sold to Further Point Enterprises for approximately $2.2 million. Dom’s assets were not sold. Further Point Enterprises owns Odd Birds, Bandits NYC, and several other businesses. 

The closure of Foxtrot and Dom’s Kitchen & Market comes six months after the companies merged forming Outfox Hospitality. Founded in 2014, Foxtrot quickly grew to a high-end convenience store chain selling beer, wine, packaged goods, quick meal solutions and coffee. Dom’s first opened their doors in 2021 and featured a unique grocery experience with made to order meal solutions, Roman pizza, sushi, and prepared foods along with an extensive wine and beverage department. Specialty cheeses were complimented by fresh seafood and premium meat as well as a classic deli.  It was Bob Mariano’s dream after successfully launching Mariano’s for Roundy’s which was subsequently sold to Kroger. Don Fitzgerald described the opportunity as their “last dance”, a chance to take everything that they had learned in their careers and create an upstart chain. Their plans included as many as 15 locations by 2025.