PCC Announces Closure of Downtown Seattle Store

PCC Community Markets, a natural retailer based in Seattle, WA, has announced the closure of its downtown Seattle location, nearly two years after opening.

Krish Srinivasan, PCC’s CEO, remarked on the closure, stating, “Despite an amazing team, fantastic store conditions and a supportive landlord, our Downtown store has unfortunately remained unprofitable, and we do not see that changing for the foreseeable future.” Srinivasan continued, “Since continued losses pose a significant financial risk to our co-op’s long-term viability, we are acting now.”

Since the store’s opening in 2022, the location has struggled to meet sales expectations, primarily due to the sluggish return of office workers and lack of residents in the downtown corridor in the post pandemic period. Srinivasan stated that, “Based on these dramatically changed shopper demographics and habits, PCC sees no viable path to operating a profitable full-service grocery store at this location.”

The store’s staff of 80 team members were offered positions in the chain’s remaining 15 locations. Regarding their team members, Srinivasan stated, “To our staff members at the Downtown store, I want to express my deep sadness at having to make this difficult but necessary decision. It is certainly not due to any lack of effort on your part. Instead, it reflects the hard reality of operating a retail business in a city center transformed by the pandemic.”

The downtown store’s closure was an unfortunate but necessary decision to secure the financial security of the chain, with a more positive outlook going into 2024. PCC also has plans to expand to a new location in Seattle’s Madison Valley neighborhood.