Portland Volunteer Day – Friends of Trees

In honor of Earth Day, some of the Portland PRESENCE Northwest team decided to volunteer for a local nonprofit, Friends of Trees. Portland is one of the only large cities in the U.S. where the canopy is growing. FOT has been on the front lines of this since 1989. They have planted almost a million trees in that time. That’s right 1 million trees!!!!!

We were very lucky and had a gorgeous spring day planting trees. About 30 volunteers showed up, we had a robust introduction to the group and their goals. We were told the plans and how the day would progress. We broke up into groups and each met with our team leader. Our team leader, Mark, was very gregarious and excited to talk about anything tree related.

The planting we signed up for was in a residential area. We planted at three different sights. Three trees we planted curbside. The rest were in people’s yards. The varieties of trees we planted were Frontier Elm, American Yellowwood, Scarlett Oak, Ginko, Fig, and Incense Cedar. We learned a lot about the intricacies of planting trees and really giving them the highest chance of survival. We had sun on our faces and dirt on our hands, it was a good day! If you have time, energy, or funds I would highly recommend supporting this awesome organization.