PRESENCE Northwest Team Gets Busy Cleaning Portland Parks

On August 23rd, eight PRESENCE coworkers spent the morning volunteering with SOLVE to clean up the downtown Portland North Park Blocks and surrounding area. The blocks were some of the original park properties in the city dating back to 1869. SOLVE is attempting to keep the Park Blocks clean, accessible, and cheerful as a wonderful community asset.

The SOLVE team provided gloves, super cute bright colored vests, litter bags and a litter grabber. PRESENCE Northwest team members in attendance were Jim Simonsen, Amanda Minalgo, June Grill, Ashby Scaggs, Charlie Blaylock, Heather Peterson, Karen Hunt, and Jason Follin.

SOLVE was founded in 1969 to bring Oregonians together to improve our environment and build a legacy of stewardship. They restore and preserve Oregon’s environment with the assistance of volunteers, partners, and the generosity of donors. SOLVE has many volunteer opportunities year-round including litter cleanups, beach cleanups and tree planting to support pollinators and other wildlife.