PRESENCE Volunteer Day

In a dedicated effort to combat hunger, Kenneth Munoz, Leslie Weiner, and Jim Perrone joined forces at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Together, along with other group of volunteers, we tirelessly packaged over 3,200 bags of dry pasta, contributing to the cause of supporting over 650,000 neighbors facing food insecurity in New Jersey.

The event shed light on the crucial role the Food Bank plays, with 32% of its food being donated, 28% from government sources, and 40% purchased.

The day’s success underscores the significance of community involvement through various avenues such as donating funds, food, volunteering, organizing fundraisers, and spreading awareness to address the pervasive issue of hunger.

One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time. Here’s how you can help: Community Food Bank of New Jersey – Providing Food, Help & Hope (