Publix GreenWise Generates Strong Following

Business is booming for GreenWise Market, a chain of small-format specialty grocery stores operated by Publix. According to a recent report from data analysis firm, GreenWise generated more foot traffic at every location in Florida throughout 2022 on a year-over-year basis compared to the retailer’s traditional supermarkets in the state that have consistently declined by the same measure. The data, released earlier in November, also indicates that people spend more time in GreenWise stores (average shopping time at 28 minutes) than in traditional Publix stores located nearby (average shopping time at 24 to 26 minutes). GreenWise stores typically occupy around 25,000 square feet and have a heavy focus on organic and prepared foods aimed at “health-conscious and gourmet foodies alike,” The seven locations feature a variety of “experience zones” that focus on items like meats smoked in-store, sausages made on the premises, gourmet sandwiches, and burrito bowls. The stores also incorporate an area where shoppers can buy wine, beer, or coffee to drink while they walk the aisles. The data report shows that retailers can leverage small-format stores to target a specific demographic, offer a personalized experience, and experiment with their brand. The small-format store trend first emerged to court urban shoppers; small-formats proved able to better weave themselves into inner-city neighborhoods where big boxes would not fit. Publix, which debuted the first GreenWise store in October 2018, currently runs seven GreenWise stores in its home state of Florida, where it has more than 800 traditional supermarkets. The newest store in the specialty chain opened in Tampa, Florida, in August 2021.