Rosauers Remodels to Pursue New Store Format

Rosauers, who operates 21 stores in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Western Montana has recently undergone a huge remodeled at another of its stores. The Spokane’s Five Mile neighborhood is one of Rosauers most successful locations, and until most recently, had very limited natural/organic options to offer their local consumers. According to Ashley Gorman, the Natural Foods Buyer, “We’ve added over 5,000 Sku’s of natural and organic products while maintaining 95% of the conventional grocery items.” This is the second such remodel of its kind, and largely based on the success of the first remodel that integrated natural/organic selections with a focus on store flow and updated organization and merchandising. This format has been successful in other places as natural products have continued to capture an ever-larger portion of mainstream consumers. The trend has finally made its way to Spokane in a big way.

The integrated format will continue to be rolled out at all Rosauers locations based on the continued success of the store format. Gorman says they hope to have all stores follow the same format within the next five to ten years depending on construction constraints. Overall, the future is looking bright for Rosauers’ natural foods sets as they continue to increase natural and organic foods within their stores.