Shipping and Handling Updates From UNFI

In moving towards a one company experience, aligning receiving policies has become a key focus for UNFI. There are updates to the handling service fee structure to improve consistency, align with current market rates, and improve transparency for their partners.

The per case unloading rate will be 12.5 cents. All DCs will have the same per case structure and rate. Rates based upon “finished pallets” will be discontinued. As a result, some suppliers will experience lower overall costs, while others may see a modest increase. In totality, this change will result in an overall increase that is significantly less than the inflation rate.

UNFI will strictly enforce their pallet placard requirements. UNFI continues to receive many unlabeled/unidentifiable pallets. This leads to negative impacts to customers’ service level, potential shrink/loss of product integrity, and significant loss of productivity.