SPINS 2024 Channel Redefinition Overview

Why are we making changes?

SPINS is updating channel definitions to reflect evolving consumer values, encompassing not only natural and organic products but also those related to health, wellness, planetary health, animal welfare, and social impact. This update ensures accurate representation of retailer assortments and provides brands with insights into emerging trends.

What is changing?

The Natural Channel will be redefined and renamed to “Natural Expanded,” reflecting an expanded assortment including Health & Wellness Industry (HWI) products. This update will also implement minor adjustments to the Regional and Independent Grocery (RIG) Channel.

When are we making changes?

The redefined Natural Expanded and restated Regional and Independent Grocery (RIG) Channels were rolled out alongside the P01 2024 data publish, released on 02/12/24.

Which retailers are moving?

Several retailers will transition from RIG to Natural Expanded, including 12 SPINS Key Account participantsā€¦

1. Allegiance
2. Busch’s Fresh Food Market
3. Clarks Market
4. Harmons Grocery
5. Highland Park Market
6. Lunds & Byerlys
7. Mckinnon’s Supermarkets
8. Raleys Family of Fine Stores
9. Rosauers Supermarkets, Inc.
10. Sendik’s
11. Uncle Giuseppes Marketplace
12. Yokes Fresh Markets

What is the impact?

The Natural Expanded Channel will see a significant increase in store count and Total Market All Commodity Volume (total market ACV), with approximately 25% and 30% increases respectively. RIG will experience a slight increase in store count and a small reduction in total market ACV.

Benefits of these changes

The launch of the Natural Expanded Channel signifies a broader and more diverse assortment catering to values-oriented shoppers. It enhances the accuracy and relevance of data for brands and retailers, providing deeper insights into consumer preferences and market trends.

The redefinition of channels by SPINS reflects a commitment to staying abreast of consumer preferences and market dynamics. These changes aim to provide stakeholders with more accurate and insightful data, ultimately facilitating better decision-making and fostering growth opportunities in the natural and health & wellness retail landscape.

Action Items and Recommendations

  • Revisit Natural Channel goals and KPIs by leveraging P1 data ending January 28th, 2024.
  • Understand that full history has been restated to align with the new geography definition.
    • Historical reports/measures produced prior to the P1 redefinition should not be referenced and will need to be re-pulled and updated.
  • Lean into account level data where possible.
  • Review shifts in brand rankings, distribution, and product mix for your product segments.
  • Leverage SPINS brand positioning coding to focus on relevant product set performance.
  • Any additional questions, please reach out to your primary main SPINS representative, or email customersupport@spins.com

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Looking for more information? Please contact the SPINS Account Manager for PRESENCE Mike Murphy at mmurphy@spins.com.