Spiral Co-op Expansion 2022

Spiral Natural Foods Co-op was formed by an enthusiastic group of community members in Hastings, Minnesota in late 1978, with the official first store opening in February 1979. Their story is not unlike many in co-op land. Years of ups and downs, policy changes, volunteers to employees, location changes, and the general ups and downs of small retail businesses. It has remained a beating heart of hope and transparency, a hub for local food growers and producers, community wellness, education, and support. For the people, by the people.

In the summer of 2022, Spiral’s long view of a larger space was realized: to accommodate larger fresh departments, grocery aisles wide enough for two shopping carts, a deli, adequate loading and backstock space, offices for buyers and staff, and an overall footprint that increased over 2x.

In mid-June, many hands made smooth work to physically unload shelving in the old space (an attached suite), rebuild shelving in the new space, and rebuild sets—in two days! Lucas (DPI) and I, along with other local reps (UNFI, other brokers). The grand reopening was in July. Fine tuning and improvements continue. A made-to-order deli counter debuted in early September, serving nearby school teachers, county office workers, and other community members.