Sprouts and Instacart Team Up, Launch Retail Media Network

Sprouts has partnered with Instacart to launch a retail media advertising network and platform to connect health-focused consumer packed goods brands directly to Sprouts’ shoppers by way of Instacart’s Carrot Ads. Carrot Ads allow Sprouts and other grocers to host retail media networks through their own company websites and applications. Just over 12% of Sprouts’ business comes through digital channels and they’re hoping to increase that number through new platforms and partnerships like these. According to Instacart, the partnership gives advertisers the ability to make the most of online campaigns through Sprouts’ various marketing channels, giving them access to data that paints a picture of where their ad dollars are paying off the most and opens up advertising opportunities for upcoming brands to reach multiple niche-market shoppers.  

“At Sprouts, we are committed to serving our health-enthusiast customers and are excited to offer new ways to connect them with our innovative and distinctive brand partners,” Sprouts COO Nick Konat said in a statement. “By leveraging Instacart’s ad technology, we are enabling this connection—and giving our brand partners even more ways to grow with us and our customers.”