Sprouts Farmers Market New Distribution Partnership

Pod Foods is based out of Austin, Texas and is able to bridge the gap between retailers with local and emerging brands. According to the CEO of Pod Foods, Larissa Russell, “Traditional distributors are unable to match the speed of our placement process, and both national and regional chains across the U.S. have taken notice.”

Sprouts Farmers Market is one of the most recent retailers to partner with Pod Foods. The new Pod Foods warehouse in Florida will be supplying about 130 Sprouts stores with consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands from their “virtual warehouse”. The process of getting product to the shelves is accelerated because the retailers are now able to get product in a more direct manner rather than going through a major distributor.

Pod Foods is able to offer additional support through product recommendations, data analytics and optimized fulfillment. This allows them to offer similar logistical support but with a higher level of data that will assist in avoiding shortages or delays for the retailer. “As consumer preference continue to drive product demand and retailers look to new strategies to keep shelves stocked, Pod Foods is the catalyst driving a new wave of procurement, customization and customer satisfaction, “Russel said.

Whole Foods Market, Bristol Farms, Mom’s Organic Market and Plum Market are just a few of the other retailers that have partnered with Pod Foods. “We’re extremely excited to announce this new partnership with Sprouts, which speaks to the market need for Pod Foods” added Larissa Russell.