Sprouts Grows Partnership With Emerging Brands Supplier

As supply chain issues and rising costs continue to face grocers across the country, Sprouts Farmers Market is expanding exploration of new sourcing options to side-step inventory struggles and to meet demand for local and niche product offerings. Sprouts announced in November it is growing its partnership with Pod Foods, a distributor serving as a business-to-business source of up-and-coming and local brands for a variety of retailers. The companies announced their initial partnership earlier this year with the aim of bringing newer suppliers to close to 130 Sprouts locations. The success of that venture prompted the recently announced expansion. Pod Foods will now extend its coverage to include all Sprouts stores. The enhanced union allows Sprouts to boost selection of “popular, health-forward brands” among all stores.

“With Sprouts, we’ve quickly validated why there is a need for agile distribution and an enhanced marketplace of options in today’s volatile landscape,” Pod Foods Co-founder and CEO Larissa Russell said. “Expanding our reach will help the brands we work with scale, while Sprouts reaps the benefits of being able to offer a totally unique and shifting list of emerging brands to their consumers.”

Sprouts has fought to keep pace with the sales uptick of its many competitors in recent years. CEO Jack Sinclair has said that making niche products available in stores is one way Sprouts is attempting to shift that dynamic.