Super Natural Distributors Meet with PRESENCE

The PRESENCE Midwest Distributor Relations Team met with Super Natural Distributors recently. PRESENCE Midwest Distributor Account Executive, Kristin Birns and PRESENCE West Distributor Account Executive, Kelley Davis met with the main buyer Michelle and new buyer/current assistant Jenny with a quick introduction to the owner, Trish. 

Super Natural Distributors is a Midwest Distributors, located in the heart of Wisconsin. Trish Calvy started Super Natural Distributors in 1984 and has since acquired over 350 vendors. December is their customer appreciation month where they take the time to thank their customers for their support over the years by providing extra deals throughout the month. Every time a customer places an order, they will then receive a sample bag and be entered into a drawing to win a gift bag of free products. This is a great way for their vendors to get their products in the hands of their buyers. Super Natural is second to none in their customer service and supportiveness throughout the years. 

For more details on working with Super Natural Distributors, please reach out to PRESENCE Midwest Distributor Account Executive Kristin Birns at