Thankful to Give Support in Lahaina

By Denise Clemment – PRESENCE Associate Data Analyst

There are a few places in the world that you may find a beautiful connection with. A place that gives you instant calm, people that bring you joy, and a place that leaves you with memories of a lifetime.

Well, Maui has given me and my family just that! On our recent vacation to Maui, my husband and I wanted to give back to the people, community and culture that have given us so much over the years! We volunteered all day with the Global Empowerment Mission at the Maui Westside Food Distribution Center. Providing food and water to those directly affected by the Lahaina Fire in Maui. A steady flow of cars lined up as we supplied them with their essentials. Seeing the devastation up close was heart-wrenching, many families that came through were just allowed in to see their homes, that day, for the first time since the fire. They are policing the Fire Zone area very well and allowing homeowners in by “zones”. Their grief and loss was so sobering. They were kind and thankful, but many, you could tell by their trepidation, had a hard time being on the receiving end of a donation. Once again we were reminded of how fortunate we are. We were happy to help those truly in need and support the Aloha spirit in which the people of Hawaii live by.

Below is a link that is a short video of the Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), their mission and how it’s grown in Maui since the Fires.