The Future of E-Commerce in a (mostly) Post-Covid World

Rainbow Grocery, the worker-owned co-op in San Francisco’s mission district is considering the future of its e-commerce services. The 45-year-old cooperative implemented a curbside pick-up and delivery pilot program to adapt to the needs of its community and workers during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Ted Tallase, in an email to the Rainbow grocery shop online customers, the program was voted into existence by the majority of the cooperative nearly two years ago. Rainbow Grocery’s original plan was to revisit the necessity of the program in March of 2023, but concerns of need and profitability are calling into question the continued usefulness of the e-commerce pilot program. To this end, the e-commerce pilot program, curbside pickup and delivery, are inviting dialog, they would like the community to share their opinions, tell stories and experiences, and express any concerns. Tallase asks these questions of the community to help determine the fate of the program, “Are these services necessary for yourselves and in general? How has this pilot program affected your lives? Would you still use this service beyond our current world situations?” The final decision will come from the worker-owners of the cooperative.