The Turnip Truck: Most Valuable Market in Music City

The Turnip Truck is ranked as the #1 Best Grocery Store in Nashville by Eat This, Not That. The flagship store in East Nashville has broadened offerings to include hot and cold bars. Grab-and-go foods, a deli and juice bar, a bakery with gluten-free selections, a large bulk foods department, a growler filling station with kombucha and beer, and fresh soup – all in addition to the expansive grocery selection. Located at 701 Woodland Street, beehives on top of the store produce honey and serve as pollinators for the neighborhood. Eighty-five to ninety percent of The Turnip Truck’s fruits and vegetables are exclusively certified organic, with no conventional alternative and an estimated 20% of product and floral is locally or regionally farmed. Founded in 2001 by John Dyke, The Turnip Truck remains the only located-owned and operated, full-service, natural food chain in Nashville. With three locations currently servicing the heart of Nashville, the chain is opening a fourth location set to open in late summer/early fall 2023, walking distance to Vanderbilt University.