Threshold Announces New Director of Sales

Threshold is pleased to announce that Johnny Sanchez has joined the team at Threshold Enterprises as their new Director of Sales. Having spent time in senior sales leadership positions at Comvita, Flora, and New Chapter, he comes to Threshold with extensive industry knowledge which he can leverage to grow opportunities with our brick-and-mortar customer base. Johnny’s proven management skills and expertise in sales strategy will guide new efforts in customer retention techniques, funneling, and competitive analysis. By cultivating an extensive professional network that demonstrates his aptitude for building new partnerships, he will be invaluable in exploring collaboration opportunities and gaining insights from industry peers. With his track record of success and valuable insights, Johnny will make an excellent addition to the Threshold team as they continue to streamline and drive new sales growth. To contact Johnny, you can call Threshold directly at 800-777-5677 or email him at

For any questions regarding Threshold, please reach out to Presence Distributor Account Executive, Kelley Davis at