Thrive Market Becomes the First Exclusively Online Retailer to Accept SNAP EBT

Membership-based online retailer Thrive Market has revealed plans to accept SNAP EBT, becoming the first of its kind to receive USDA approval for this service. Starting February 26th, Thrive Market will extend its acceptance of SNAP EBT across the United States, offering free membership to all new EBT cardholders who join.

Established in 2014, this development represents a significant milestone in Thrive Market’s commitment to offering accessible and affordable healthy living for all. According to Lavian, the company’s spokesperson, this partnership with Thrive Market will empower over 42 million Americans receiving government assistance to access nutritious groceries online.

Thrive Market’s decision to embrace SNAP EBT reflects a substantial stride forward in broadening healthy food options for individuals across the nation.