UNFI Better for All Report

United Natural Foods had some significant callouts in its 13th annual Better for All Report, which details the company’s progress on social, environmental, and governance objectives, and 2024 does not look to be short on accomplishments, either.

Perhaps the biggest hit in 2023 was the completion of a roof-mounted solar array installation at UNFI’s Howell, New Jersey, distribution center. It is the largest work of its kind for the company, and an even bigger project is set for this year at a distribution center in Riverside, California. UNFI also completed LED lighting conversion across 100% of its distribution center network and continues to deploy electric yard trucks at facilities.

Additionally, UNFI, headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, is getting smarter at its distribution centers as it began rolling out digital communication screen technology in 2023 and will continue with installations this year. The goal is to have the screen technology, which improves communication between the regional communication team and distribution centers, in every facility by the end of 2024.

On the agricultural front, UNFI launched a formal partnership with Mad Agriculture to help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture. The goal is to have regenerative and organic practices on 1 million acres by 2030. Currently, UNFI is at 21,500 acres.

Another 2023 milestone was the development of a formal policy to support the goal of zero deforestation across primary deforestation-linked commodities by 2025.

UNFI also started a Reverse Logistics Disposition Reporting system to enable distribution centers to track, monitor, and create reports showing where a product ends up when it has not been sold. UNFI wants to reduce food waste by 50% by the end of 2025.

“UNFI is building a company that creates sustainable value for stakeholders and shareholders, and a better food system for all,” said Sandy Douglas, President and CEO of UNFI. “In FY2023, we issued new responsible sourcing policies and position statements, expanded supplier diversity efforts, reaffirmed our broader commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, started work on our ninth and largest on-site solar array, completed LED lighting conversions across all of our distribution centers (DCs), and deployed a new system that helps us reduce food waste in our DCs.”