UNFI Conventional Policy Harmonization Underway

UNFI recently communicated harmonized supplier policies and fees across their distribution center network (Natural and Conventional). This alignment is crucial in reducing complexity and bringing to life UNFI’s ONE company approach with their supplier partners.

Supplier Cost, Pack, Size Change Notifications are included in this alignment. UNFI Conventional will begin enforcing the previously published Supplier Cost Change policy in Conventional DC’s. Effective May 1st, 2024, ninety (90) day notice is required across the DC network for grocery, frozen, dairy, GMHBC. This is necessary to meet the needs of UNFI’s customers.

For conventional DC’s, cost changes must be submitted into the SV Harbor portal to be considered prior notice. All changes should be submitted into SV Harbor as notice to order date. This allows the necessary time needed for internal processing and customer communication. If a cost change is submitted into SV Harbor with less than 90-days to order notice, the changes will default to that parameter per the policy. In addition, UNFI expects vendor invoices to reflect the new pricing based on the order effective date that adheres to the 90-day minimum. Commodity items and price declines are the only exceptions to this policy. Finally, should a supplier provide another distributor, wholesaler, or direct serviced retailer more than 90-day prior notice and/or later effective dates, UNFI will be entitled to those preferable terms as well.