UNFI Home Store Program Expanded

UNFI Home Store Program provides data driven Category Business Plans (CBPs) and labor including: category resets, conversion items (limiting loss of shelf placement), speed to shelf on new item cut ins, merchandising services for new store openings, re-tags, store remodels, and new affiliations (when UNFI becomes the distributor of products previously purchased elsewhere). UNFI is executing this with their own Shelf Services team along with utilizing 3rd party labor.

UNFI has expanded its in-store execution program to include natural, specialty, and organic products shipped via their natural distribution centers (DCs). Suppliers only receive an assessment for work performed in retailers where UNFI provides in-store labor support.

Deductions are processed on a biannual basis at 0.70% (or 70 basis points), based on your total invoiced sales amount to applicable stores. Retailers with their own in-store execution program are omitted. This deduction only applies to retailers who are currently participating in the UNFI in-store execution program. 

Phase one (effective July 2023) included natural volume for retailers UNFI is currently supplying in-store labor to. In phase two, launching in February 2024, UNFI will expand our offering to additional customers and banners.

The program offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved consistency in reset execution through better traceability and accountability
  • Faster item innovation executed at the shelf
  • Category and Consumer Insights incorporated into our Base DC Planograms
  • Enhanced planogram integrity and compliance
  • Real-time reporting with image capability via a secure web portal for suppliers

If you have any questions, please reach out to retail.execution@unfi.com.