UNFI Insights Update

UNFI Insights equips brands with interactive sales and inventory dashboards to help you leverage data for daily decision-making.

UNFI Insights’ interactive dashboards make it simple to track trends over time or drill down by retailer, location, or item to spot new opportunities and identify issues that need your attention. UNFI Insights makes it easier than ever to prevent out-of-stocks, find opportunities to grow your business, and reduce waste.

UNFI Insights’ AI-powered Deductions Tool helps suppliers easily track, categorize, and dispute deductions. Natural suppliers can now dispute deductions directly through UNFI Insights, saving time and paperwork to resolve disputes faster. The Deductions Dashboard also helps suppliers analyze deductions by category and retailer to optimize trade spend.

No need to download and clean reports:

  • Go directly to myUNFI for the latest data across natural and conventional channels, saving valuable time
  • View dashboards that are refreshed regularly with up to two years of historical data
  • Get data piped directly into your favorite tools like Excel, Power BI, and Snowflake