UNFI Integration Update

UNFI is continuing towards transforming how they do business. The end goal is to be the distributor of choice, while providing less complex and more transparent partnerships. Reaching this goal will require significant technological enhancements and consistent engagement with external partners. The end goal is delivering one UNFI experience to their retailers, suppliers, brokers, associates, and shareholders.

With the goal of ensuring flawless execution UNFI has made the decision to pause the integration of the legacy natural programs, Natural Connection and Hot Sheets, into the Region Retail Merchandising planning cycle. These programs will continue to be planned and negotiated by the SRM team for 2025 planning.

UNFI will continue to progress towards assigning Supplier Relationship Managers to all grocery, frozen, dairy suppliers, however, this will be done this over time (6 to 12 months). UNFI will inform suppliers each step of the way.