UNFI Makes Retail Merchandising Strategy Changes

UNFI is focused on accelerating their customer-and supplier-driven strategy and positioning UNFI to operate more efficiently. As a result of an in-depth analysis, there are changes that will be made to the Retail Merchandising organization to ensure their structure evolves in parallel to the company’s strategy. UNFI will align their grocery, frozen, and dairy region merchandising leadership structure to the three-region model with one leader over each region. Leading each region going forward will be:

  • Ria Gray, Vice President GFD, will oversee the Central Region.
  • Randy King, Vice President GFD, will assume full responsibilities for leading the East Region.
  • Jennifer McDonald, Vice President GFD, will continue to lead the West Region.

The West region merchandising team reviewed its leadership structure to best align leadership oversight for customers and categories going forward.

  • Eric Hendry, Sr. Director Region Merch – GFD will now manage the majority of grocery responsibilities, including oversight of key customers such as Chef Store.
  • Sylvia Mckechnie, Director Region Merch – GFD, will have oversight of primarily grocery and region multicultural.
  • Curt Seipert, Director Region Merch – GFD, will oversee sales and promotions, natural and dairy and frozen.

The category desk for non-food, which includes laundry, dish, household cleaners, air care, personal wash will move to being nationally managed under the GM HBC team led by Patty Fishman, Vice President GM HBC, Wellness, Baby, Candy, and Pet. Centralizing these categories will drive efficiencies and strategy across categories that operate similarly nationally. With these changes, Donna Banks-Ficcio and Ken Erickson will be leaving UNFI on May 17th, 2024.

If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to Randy King (randy.j.king@unfi.com), Ria Gray (ria.gray@unfi.com), Jennifer McDonald (Jennifer.mcdonald@unfi.com), Patty Fishman (patty.a.fishman@unfi.com) or Brian Audette (brian.w.audette@unfi.com) with any questions.