UNFI Media Network Launched

UNFI announced the launch of the UNFI Media Network (UMN), their new retail media network designed specifically for their retail customers and supplier partners.  

This innovative, multi-retailer platform, powered by Swiftly, offers advanced technology solutions that enable consumer brands to enhance shopper engagement and unlock new growth and sales opportunities. UMN offers a powerful, cost-effective approach to directly market personalized digital advertisements to millions of shoppers through the retailers in UMN.  

Participation in UNFI Media Network gives you:

  • The ability to personalize advertisements and reach shoppers in a scaled way.  
  • Media activations to reach brand customers across the web, social media, retailer apps and websites, emails, push notifications, in-store digital displays, and post-purchase emails.  
  • Unique offer capabilities, including multi-trip offers (e.g., Spend over $30 on a brand’s product over the summer and receive $5 back). 
  • Closed-loop reporting to measure your return on ad spend accurately. 
  • The opportunity to run consistent campaigns and offers across multiple retailers, regardless of their technology vendors

UNFI looks forward to working together to reshape the retail landscape in the independent and regional grocery space today, tomorrow, and into the future.