UNFI News March 2023

UNFI Northeast Repack Transition
Beginning this fall,  UNFI’s Carlisle, Pennsylvania distribution center will become their Atlantic Repack Hub, specializing in repack distribution. A repack item is generally defined as a non-refrigerated item sold as a single or inner pack to the customer but shipped to UNFI in a larger purchase case. Please note that some exceptions may apply for inner pack items with a cube greater than 2.2, or items sensitive to temperature thresholds.

As a result of this network optimization, Hudson Valley, Chesterfield, Dayville and York distribution centers will each transition all approved repack items to the Carlisle, Pennsylvania distribution center and become full case only distribution centers. Customers will continue to order repack items from Hudson Valley, Chesterfield, Dayville and York, with those orders being fulfilled by the Carlisle, Pennsylvania distribution center. Then, the orders will be cross-docked and merged with their regular orders and deliveries.

Benefits you can expect:

  • State-of-the-art automation technology in Carlisle will yield greater order processing accuracy while minimizing damage
  • One ship location allows for more efficient purchase orders, with less frequent and larger orders placed
  • Combined volume reduces risk of item delisting due to underperformance
  • Ability to reach a broader customer base from one ship location

UNFI’s Supplier Relationship Management team will be reaching out over the next few weeks to provide additional information and steps needed to make this transition smooth for your mutual customers.

UNFI’s target dates for transition are as follows:

  • Hudson Valley: Fall 2023
  • Chesterfield: Fall 2023
  • Dayville: Early Spring 2024
  • York: Summer 2025

UNFI wanted to provide visibility to this transition plan and ask that you continue to conduct business as you normally would.

UNFI DC Assortment Optimization

UNFI is performing a review of DCs to eliminate very slow-moving items with an eye on having space available to continue onboarding the right items at the right time. Many metrics are being used to judge UNFI’s assortment including customer commitments, weekly forecast, activation date, and category of items.

If you have items that are discontinued through this review, you will receive notification from your Supplier Relationship Manager (SRM). In that event, work with your SRM to plan an approach to disposition in a timely manner.

Regarding your item assortment at UNFI, it is imperative to be proactive. Setup time with your SRM to review your current items’ performance and plan to increase sales. If you receive a Slow Movers report, use this as a tool to target new customers and increased volumes.

UNFI Discover
UNFI is excited to share the @UNFIdiscover Instagram page, a platform for the latest food trends, new products, and industry news. @UNFIdiscover provides an opportunity to speak directly to a following over 600. This audience is comprised mostly of independent retailers eager to learn of new products, trending items, pack changes, up and coming brands, free fills, and more!

To see the latest posts on @UNFIdiscover, and to check out what other brands have shared with UNFI’s following of independent retailers, visit https://www.instagram.com/unfidiscover/.

If you would like to post to the @UNFIdiscover handle, please reach out to your PRESENCE Distributor Account Executive.

UNFI Unloading Service
UNFI’s unloading services are provided by Capstone Logistics. Capstone has announced to their entire network, including UNFI, that they are increasing their credit card processing fee from the current $5 per transaction to $10.  This will go into effect on March 5th, 2023.