UNFI Operational Non-Compliance Fees

UNFI is committed to building best practices across the network for their supplier and transportation carrier partners. As UNFI takes steps towards a one company experience, aligning their receiving policies has become an area of focus. UNFI has announced updates to their handling service fee structure to provide consistency, align to current market rates, improve efficiency and service to their customers.

UNFI continues to receive many unlabeled/unidentifiable pallets. This leads to negative impacts to our joint customer’s service level, potential shrink/loss of product integrity, and significant loss of productivity. Effective January 1st, 2023 there is a PO Placarding fee of $50 per pallet for non-compliance. The requirements are located on page 16 of  UNFI’s Shipping and Handling guidelines.

All shipping cases must have scan-able barcodes on the outside of the case. This allows UNFI to maximize the use of their technology for efficient and accurate receiving and product handling. Unit UPC code may be used if supplier does not have GTIN numbers assigned. Bar codes should be placed on the longest side of the carton and two adjacent sides is optimal. Barcodes may be printed, ink jetted, or part of an attached label. Non-Compliance will result in a $500 fee per PO regardless of # of items on the PO The requirements are located on page 11 of  UNFI’s Shipping and Handling guidelines.