UNFI Overpulls Enhancements

UNFI has completed efforts to enhance Overpull deductions, allowing consolidation of deduction invoices and amounts, while providing increased visibility into DC specific activities generating deduction amounts.

Currently, a single supplier can receive up to five separate Overpull related chargebacks in any given month. Suppliers will now receive a maximum of two deductions per Overpull month, one encompassing all East DC charges and the other containing all West DC charges. There will no longer be a separate deduction for wellness activity. Amounts generated relative to these distribution centers will now be reflected within the broadline chargebacks.

Deduction backup for both East and West divisions will be consolidated into a single document for simplicity, with unique invoice numbers for differentiation. Deduction backup will now be available in a CSV format, as requested by the supplier community.

Changes will be effective for the April 2023 Overpull, with the first new billings to be received in May 2023.