UNFI Simplified Supplier Approach (SSA) Program Presented

UNFI is transforming the way they do business with suppliers to enhance and streamline the partnership. UNFI is excited to introduce Simplified Supplier Approach (SSA), a new supplier policy that will go into effect May 1st, 2024. With SSA suppliers  receive access to UNFI’s cutting-edge data Supply Chain by ClearVue (SCCV) and Insights, along with the consolidation of a variety of fees into one simple flat rate, substantially streamlining the way you do business with UNFI.

UNFI’s rich data offerings will provide the tools you need to help anticipate market trends, identify offering gaps, and optimize inventory management. Fee consolidation will reduce friction, increase transparency, and improve predictability, resulting in time and cost savings. UNFI’s focus is to ultimately help you drive brand growth, sales, and profitability with UNFI and your mutual retail customers.

SSA will provide the following benefits :

  • Waived fees and access to UNFI Insights, Supply Chain by ClearVue (SCCV) and Supplier In Site (SIS) data and reporting.
  • Waived fees and access to SUPERVALU Harbor (SV Harbor).
  • Waived Compliance fees (up to 21 unique fines).
  • Waived Distribution Center Efficiency fees (DCE).
  • Waived Slotting (Activation/Reactivation and New item setup).
  • Waived Repositrak fees

UNFI’s Simplified Supplier Approach will be provided for a single flat rate of 2.5% of purchases. UNFI believes this rate is well below the value of the benefits delivered. This is an incredibly transformative way of doing business and echoes what UNFI has heard from the supplier community – less friction, more tools, and a mutual focus on brand growth.

Please reach out to your UNFI SRM or PRESENCE Distributor Account Executive with any questions. Or e-mail SimplifiedSupplierApproach@UNFI.com.