UNFI Spring and Summer Show ’23

United Natural Foods wrapped up its Natural and Conventional Spring and Summer show in Orlando on Wednesday February 8th.

“Customers came to find deals and suppliers came ready to give deals and gain market share, and that’s a wonderful scenario for a buying show,” UNFI President Chris Testa said in a statement. “Many customers lined up products they wanted and pre-booked them and then came here to finalize the price and, in most cases, negotiate even better discounts on top of the base deals. That’s what makes our shows so valuable.”

Throughout the two-day event, many UNFI customer attendees connected with the wholesaler’s network of suppliers of numerous brands offering grocery, fresh, organic and specialty departments. UNFI’s Natural and Conventional Spring and Summer Show is the first of four major buying shows UNFI will host in 2023.

“Our selling shows are a great way for our customers to discover new products and trends that extend their reach and relevance with shoppers, and in return, help them drive sustainable growth and a competitive edge in the marketplace. Simultaneously, our selling shows create a compelling experience for our suppliers to make connections and lasting relationships with a broad network of retailers looking to motivate shoppers with an on-trend portfolio of products,” said Jillian D’Elia, Senior Director of Event Strategy at UNFI.