UNFI Supplier Product Images

UNFI is investing in many initiatives to improve their customer experience across digital platforms. Recently, UNFI launched an upgraded customer experience on myUNFI.com, their premier B2B website. myUNFI.com provides access to brands and products distributed by UNFI to their customers, as well as billing, claims, and other timely business information.

As UNFI looks to partner and grow digital sales on myUNFI.com for their suppliers, product images and attributes are essential components for visual presentation, transparency, and sales. Global Data Sync (GDS) is UNFI’s preferred standard for product attributes, including full package information and updates, images, product dimensions, etc. Leveraging GDS allows a single process to create new items as we enhance our enterprise new item process.

To capture this critical information and help UNFI grow your sales, they request your partnership to either:

1 – Provide required information directly to UNFI via your GDSN connection or through your current GDSN syndication partner.


2 – Provide this information utilizing a syndication provider within the GDSN network. UNFI has established partnerships with: IX-One, Syndigo, 1WorldSync. These providers support our data requirements (but you can leverage any certified GDSN data pool to provide your item information). All SKUs in the UNFI product catalog require attributes and images as part of the SKU setup process. UNFI recommends working with their preferred 3rd party partners to capture this information. In the event you choose to not provide this content for new or current SKUs with missing or outdated information, UNFI will capture this content on your behalf, resulting in a charge of $150 per SKU.

To ensure continued success and mutual partnership in growing your brand, constant adherence to the above process is critically important going forward. UNFI asks that you align with a GDSN partner of your choice by October 31st, 2023 to maximize their ability to drive sales of your products for the holidays.