UNFI Third Party Billing Changes Effective October 1st

In the context of suppliers business with UNFI, third party billing refers to the activities negotiated directly between a supplier and a retailer that may encompass a range of financial aspects, including but not limited to lump sum payments, scans, advertising costs, demo expenses, and assessments of display/ad performance. UNFI’s role as the third party in this arrangement involves serving as a facilitator between the suppliers and retailers serviced by UNFI. UNFI acts as a neutral party responsible for collecting funds from their suppliers and disbursing proceeds to retailers for negotiated activities between the two. By managing these financial transactions, UNFI helps ensure transparency, accuracy, and compliance in the financial dealings between both parties. UNFI’s objective is to streamline the process, alleviate administrative burdens, and create an environment of trust for all stakeholders involved. Recently, UNFI has been facing increased inflationary pressures and rising labor costs that impact their operational expenses. To continue delivering the quality service you expect and deserve, UNFI finds it necessary to make a slight adjustment to their administrative fee for third-party billing. Effective October 1st, 2023, UNFI will implement a change to the existing 3rd party administrative processing fee and will be moving to 15% on all 3rd party billings, with a $40 minimum and a $750 maximum. Please note this affects Natural DCs only.