UNFI’s Driver Ambassador Program Names Four Elite Drivers in 2023

UNFI recognized four of its associates as 2023 Elite Drivers of the Year as part of the Company’s Driver Ambassador Program. To help celebrate this achievement, as well as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, each driver was awarded $10,000. Additionally, each distribution center in which the Elite Driver resides receives a premium, UNFI branded, Navistar LT625 tractor that they may use for deliveries during the next year. Over the course of the year, UNFI drivers travel nearly 147 million miles, delivering approximately 300,000 unique products to more than 30,000 customer locations across North America.

The UNFI Driver Ambassador Program celebrates drivers who achieve specific metrics for service, safety, and performance. Each quarter, UNFI drivers earn the Distinguished Driver Award if they meet attendance goals and do not have any preventable accidents or injuries, as well as hours of service or Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) violations. Those drivers who achieve this level of excellence four quarters in a row become Elite Drivers. In the company’s latest fiscal year, 40% of UNFI’s driver workforce, 1,099 drivers, attained Elite Driver status.

This following four Elite Drivers were selected as 2023 Elite Drivers of the Year:

  • Henry Gervais from UNFI’s Chesterfield, New Hampshire distribution center
  • Michael J. Potratz from UNFI’s Aurora, Colorado distribution center
  • Bruce Highness from UNFI’s Fargo, North Dakota distribution center
  • Jacob Eberle from UNFI’s Centralia, Washington distribution center

Mark Bushway, Chief Supply Chain Officer at UNFI, said, “our drivers are the critical link to our customers. They embody the professionalism, perseverance, and passion of UNFI, and their efforts help make our supply chain better and our customers stronger.” Bushway continued, “as a team, our drivers make more than 1.5 million stops per year delivering food and essential products to customers and communities across North America. Kevin, Michael, Bruce, and Jacob represent the best of UNFI, and we are very proud they are on our team.”