Volunteer Day in the PNW

It’s that time of the year again where December is about over and there is sheer panic in the Pacific Northwest!!! The team realized they had not yet used their Volunteer Day that PRESENCE so generously gives each of its employees every year; an opportunity to give back to our communities, to discover new volunteer organizations and to be reminded of how Giving our hometown of Spokane, Washington is!

The three of us spent the afternoon at 2nd Harvest Food bank where we along with 10 other folks sorted apples. Our mighty crew emptied several pallets of apples pulling out the rotten ones and distributing them to apple boxes where they will be distributed throughout the city and rural area foodbanks. We collectively shorted 8,000 lbs. of Fuji Apples.

State Facts: Washington State’s largest agricultural item is APPLES. Washington produces 90% of the nation’s Organic Apple Crops. Washington is also a Top producer of Pears and Sweet Cherries.

Remember to donate any extra samples that are no longer needed to your local Food Banks.