Whole Foods Market Finds Success with Automated Checkout

Amazon launched its Just Walk Out seamless checkout at two Whole Foods Markets last year, and early reviews suggest the tech is giving those stores an edge over the rest. The technology records the items shoppers select as they move through a store and lets them leave without stopping at a checkout counter. According to analysis from retail analytics company Placer.ai, the two Whole Foods Market locations that have Amazon’s Just Walk Out frictionless checkout technology outperformed surrounding stores in the chain without the equipment during the second half of 2022.

The 21,500-square-foot store in Whole Foods Market in Glover Park, Washington, D.C., was the first location with the Just Walk Out technology. It reopened one year ago after a multi-year closure. Between July and December of 2022, Placer.ai recorded a higher percentage of mid-afternoon shopper visits than two other Whole Foods Market stores nearby. Shoppers also spent less time shopping at the location which suggests shoppers are drawn to the store’s time-saving features. Additionally, the Glover Park store is drawing a higher percentage of young, affluent shoppers than nearby Whole Foods Market stores in the D.C. area. Analysis of the second Whole Foods Market to receive Just Walk Out tech last March in Sherman Oaks, California, reflects similar uptick in store visits when compared to other locations.