Whole Foods Market Locations in Denver Debut Next Gen Tech

Contactless shopping and payment solutions are now available at select Whole Foods Market stores in Denver, Colorado, courtesy of Amazon. Introduced in 11 stores in the Denver area in April, the Amazon One palm-based payment system allows shoppers to use the palm of their hand to pay for purchases.

To enroll with the Amazon One system, customers insert a payment card in the palm-reading device and then hover their hand over it. The reader assesses a variety of different features of the customer’s unique palm and creates a palm signature based on the most distinct features. The palm signature is then connected to the card’s payment information. Customers have the option to enroll with only one palm or with both. Once enrolled, shoppers can enter Amazon One-capable stores by holding their hand above the Amazon One device at the entrance to the store. They can shop like they normally would and at the end of their grocery trip, they scan their palm at checkout.

One Whole Foods Market location in Denver will also launch a Dash Cart smart shopping device. The cashier-less shopping format allows shoppers gather items, pay, and exit the store without going through checkout lanes. The Denver store will be the fourth Whole Foods Market in the country to make this technology available. With the new, re-launched version of the Dash Cart, shoppers scan a QR code in the Amazon or Whole Foods Market app to log in. This allows them to begin using the smart cart. Customers can place their own shopping bags (if using them) in the cart and start selecting items, scanning them as they shop using one of the cameras near the handlebar. The cart uses computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to help verify every item placed in and taken out of the cart. The cart’s display screen shows a real-time receipt of all items in the cart. When they are ready to check out, Dash Cart customers exit the store via the dedicated Amazon Dash Cart lane and payment is processed using whatever form of payment is associated with their Amazon account in the app. A receipt is emailed soon after the customer exits the store.

All Whole Foods Market locations in the larger Dallas-Fort Worth area offer the Amazon One palm payment option. More than 65 Whole Foods Markets throughout California offer Amazon One, following earlier successful launches in Austin, Texas, and Seattle, as well as select stores in New York and Los Angeles. The first certified-organic national grocery retailer, Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods includes more than 500 stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Whole Foods Market is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seattle-based Amazon.