Whole Foods Market U.K. Introduces New Review Process

Whole Foods Market introduced an updated supplier review process in the U.K. to make the onboarding process more efficient and rigorous. This innovative approach extends equal opportunities to both potential and established suppliers seeking to have their products featured at the seven Whole Foods Market stores in the U.K., complete with well-defined requirements and timelines. Consequently, this streamlined process will enable the retailer to expand its product range, offering customers a wider selection. This process is currently supporting three of Whole Foods Market’s product teams: Grocery, Wellness + Beauty and Specialty (alcohol, cheese, and charcuterie).

For suppliers, this revamped process provides a clearly delineated schedule for submitting products within specific categories and offers improved communication to facilitate their preparations for a product launch. The submission process remains the same for exclusive and non-exclusive contracts, however exclusive suppliers will receive more extensive in-store and marketing support. This initiative is aligned with the retailer’s overarching strategy, which aims to create a level playing field for all brands interested in having their products carried by Whole Foods Market.

Jade Hoai, director of purchasing and operations at Whole Foods Market U.K., comments: “We have created a more robust process in order to offer a bigger range of products to our customers and provide an easy-to-use process for our new and existing suppliers. We wanted to make sure there was one clear way to become a Whole Foods Market supplier, whereby every brand is treated equally whether existing or new. This gives small, emerging, and new brands a better opportunity to be a supplier for Whole Foods Market and allows us to deliver against our promise to provide our customers to the newest and most innovative products in the market.” Whole Foods Market UK will not be taking any new product submissions outside of these new timelines. Suppliers are encouraged to download and read the WFM U.K. New Submission Info Pack thoroughly. All new item submissions must be compliant with Whole Foods Market U.K. Quality Standards.