Yokes Partners with DailyPay for Employee Retention

Yoke’s Fresh Markets has unveiled a powerful tool in its battle against employee turnover: DailyPay. This strategic partnership has boosted employee retention by an impressive 34%.

Among all Yoke’s employees, those utilizing DailyPay tend to stay an additional 31 days on average compared to their peers who don’t. DailyPay empowers Yoke’s workforce to access their earnings right after their shifts, eliminating the need to wait for payday. John Orton, Yoke’s VP of Marketing, sees this as a significant advantage, noting, ” It’s always nice to give our associates an additional benefit that our competitors may not have.”

But Yoke’s commitment to its employees doesn’t end there. They also offer financial literacy programs, a 401K plan with a company match, and a company equity program.

Yokes exemplifies how taking care of employees benefits everyone involved. Continuing to thrive in an ever-changing industry and job market by adapting its strategies to current conditions. With 19 stores and no signs of slowing down, Yoke’s remains a strong and successful presence in the Inland Northwest.