Data Services

Presence Marketing utilizes a long-standing relationship with SPINS to provide comprehensive access to natural, organic, and specialty product data and industry trends.


With a team of data analysts and a full-time SPINS employee on-site at our corporate headquarters, we offer a direct line of communication to SPINS and its services to ensure that you get the data you need quickly.


  • Performance reporting
  • Trend identifications
  • Promotion evaluations
  • Custom Reporting
  • Access to the SPINSscan Natural database
  • Access to the SPINSscan Conventional database
  • Access to the SPINSscan Conventional Key Account database
  • Access to the Presence Marketing Turnover Order database
  • Whole Foods Market data management


NOTE: Releasability of SPINS-based data is dependent on the level of services contracted directly from SPINS LLC.