Christine Tzumas

Chief Operating Officer
Christine Tzumas_Posted

Christine has been with Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence from day one. She brings almost 3 decades of experience, having worked every role within a brokerage from merchandising, street sales, distributor relations, to finance and now, overall operations management. Prior to the launch of Presence, Christine worked three years at a Midwest natural food broker calling on retail stores and distributors throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.


Christine first became interested in eliminating unhealthy products from her diet in her late teens, which eventually led to her interest in organically grown products. As Christine has deepened her appreciation for healthy food, nutrition and body care products, her personal aspirations seem to have mirrored the mainstream’s interest, and the expansion of the Natural Products Industry as a whole.


As COO of Presence, Christine has her eyes on, and her hands in, just about every aspect of our business. She plays a key role in our strategic planning and insures that we have the infrastructure in place to move forward in whichever direction we decide to go. She thoroughly enjoys watching individuals and departments grow in this very fast paced natural foods brokerage. Her dedication and commitment to company and individual success is unsurpassed. Christine feels strongly that “Presence Marketing/Dynamic Presence is not just about running a business – there’s a sense of purpose and meaning for what we do here.”


Christine and husband Frank live in the beautiful suburbs of Chicago and have three children, Jimmy, Sara and Emily. The family enjoys entertaining, travel, sports, the outdoors and culinary deliciousness as often as possible.