Kelly Follmar

National Director of Sales

Kelly was introduced to natural foods during her teens when her sister started working in the industry as a broker selling nutrition and body care. Two products were life changing that her sister provided. One was the Burt’s Bees Tomato Face Bar that completely cleared her teen acne and the other was Earthrise Spirulina that just helped with overall energy and immunity.
After Kelly graduated from Purdue University, she naturally landed a job in natural foods as a broker. After just a couple of years being a road warrior in WI, IL & IN, she landed a job with Presence Marketing as a Distributor Account Executive working in both the grocery division and NBC division. This was when Kelly really got connected to the food side of the industry and became extremely passionate about organic and sustainable agriculture.


Visits to Bob’s Red Mill and Organic Valley early in her career at Presence really influenced her to move completely away from the “conventional” foods that she grew up eating. She is very passionate about the “fuel” she puts in her body and uses her dollars to vote.


Kelly lives in Chicago with her husband, Jason, and two beautiful boys, Milton and Marley. She loves spending her time with her family and friends and tries to incorporate as many great adventures as possible in her life. She loves camping, hiking, yoga, jogging, going to concerts, great coffee, great food, waterslides and fighting against Monsanto and Big Pharma (of course).