10 Things to Include in a Retail Brand Sales Deck

January 11, 2024 |

Creating a compelling sales deck for your brand involves presenting key information in a clear and persuasive manner. Here are 10 things to consider including in your deck:

  1. Founder Story – Brand Origination
    • Introduce the people instrumental in creating the brand.
    • Build the narrative of the origins, standards, and purpose behind the brand.
  2. Company Mission:
    • Create a concise statement regarding the reason or inspiration for the brand.  Include values, ethos, ideals and pledges you are committed to.
    • What is unique about you and your brand?
    • What non-profits or community organizations do you support or work with?
  3. Brand Overview:
    • Provide a brief but impactful introduction to your brand, including your vision, and values.
    • Highlight what makes your brand unique and why customers will choose your products.
  4. Product Portfolio:
    • Showcase your range of products with high-quality visuals.
    • Highlight key features and benefits of each product.
    • Discuss any unique selling points that differentiate your products from competitors.
    • Add in the logos of pertinent certifications that your products have, including Non-GMO, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, etc. 
  5. Category Specifics and Data:
    • Present data on the size of the market and growth trends.
    • Highlight any gaps in the market that your brand is addressing.
    • Call out any current success your brand is experiencing within the category or in retail. 
  6. Competitive Comparison:
    • Identify key competitors and explain how your brand compares.
    • Highlight your competitive advantages and key differentiators.
    • Use clear and concise graphics, best practice is to structure the comparison in a table with check marks or graphics to indicate attributes, focus on visuals over verbiage. 
  7. Sales and Distribution Strategy:
    • Outline your current sales channels (Natural, Conventional, E-commerce).
    • Show distribution strategy and approvals.
  8. Marketing, Social Media:
    • Showcase successful marketing campaigns or branding initiatives.
    • Explain how you plan to build and maintain brand awareness through website, social media, and marketing.
    • Include future Social Media/marketing programs during upcoming promotional periods that will help increase foot traffic to the retailer.
  9. Customer Testimonials/Case Studies:
    • Include positive customer feedback or testimonials.
    • Share any relevant case studies that demonstrate the success of your products.
  10. Future Innovation and Plans:
    • Include, where relevant, your innovation pipeline and product launches for the next year.
    • Share your strategic vision for the future of the brand.

Remember to keep your sales deck visually appealing, concise, and focused on the most compelling aspects of your retail brand. Tailor the content to your retailer and be prepared to elaborate on each point during your presentation.  Always end with THANK YOU!