June 18, 2024 |

In the CPG industry, dollar percentage change rates have remained consistent across all channels, indicating stable market conditions. Unit growth is positive, reflecting increased consumer demand and product adoption. However, there’s a notable divergence in average retail prices (ARPs). While ARPs have been on a stable climb in most channels, the Natural Expanded channel has started to decline.

Examining broader trends, Total US – MULO dollars and units are mirroring last year’s patterns, with a slight decline observed since mid-May. In contrast, Total US – Food dollars and units have remained steady throughout the year, with a slight jump around the end of March, potentially due to seasonal factors or promotional activities. Interestingly, the Total US – Natural Expanded channel is the only one experiencing a downward trend in ARP. These dynamics highlight the complex and evolving nature of the CPG market, offering valuable insights for future planning and strategy.

PRESENCE reporting services continue to be an invaluable resource for businesses navigating the complex terrain of the CPG industry. By offering detailed, timely insights into sales trends, unit growth, and pricing changes across multiple channels, PRESENCE enables companies to make informed decisions that can enhance their market strategies and operational efficiencies. Whether it’s adapting to shifts in consumer behavior or optimizing product distribution, the data provided by PRESENCE reporting services empowers businesses to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

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