How PRESENCE Retail Services Elevates Brands

April 10, 2024 |

In the dynamic arena of retail, standing out requires more than just having a great product; it demands strategic visibility and impeccable execution at the point of sale. This is where PRESENCE Retail Services distinguishes itself and, in turn, elevates the brands we  partner with. At the heart of our success is a dedicated and highly experienced field sales team, bolstered by customized, industry-leading technology and sales tools that redefine efficiency in the field.

The Power of Specialized Services

PRESENCE Retail Services offers a suite of specialized services designed to optimize a brand’s presence and performance in the retail space:

  • Coordinated Category Review Events and Execution: These events are meticulously planned and executed to ensure that products are positioned to capture consumer interest and drive category growth.
  • New Item Speed-to-Shelf Program Implementation and Product Assortment Management: We ensure that new products hit the shelves quickly and are managed effectively, keeping an eye on All Commodity Volume (ACV) levels and distribution percentages to optimize market coverage.
  • Aggressive Selling and Promotional Planning: The team employs aggressive selling tactics and crafts strategic promotional plans to boost brand visibility and sales.
  • Point-of-Purchase Placement and Management: By managing and strategically placing point-of-purchase displays, we maximize brand impact at the critical moment of consumer decision-making.
  • Retail Auditing and Reporting: With comprehensive retail audits and detailed reporting, brands gain insights into their performance and opportunities for enhancement.
  • Retail Merchandising Solutions: From on-the-spot product cut-ins to comprehensive merchandising strategies, PRESENCE ensures products are always displayed appealingly and accessibly.
  • Void and Out-of-Stock Correction: By swiftly addressing stock shortages and distribution gaps, we minimize lost sales opportunities and maintains brand reliability.
  • New Store Opening Support and Sets: The team provides essential support for new store openings, ensuring that brand products are well-represented from day one.
  • Digital Photography: High-quality digital images capture the essence of the products, aiding in promotional efforts and ensuring accurate online representation.
  • Advertising Coordination and Implementation: PRESENCE coordinates and implements advertising campaigns across various platforms, ensuring consistent and compelling brand messaging.
  • Shelf Management for Maximum Visibility: Strategic shelf arrangement ensures products are easily found and attractively presented, encouraging consumer engagement and purchase.
  • Resets: Regular resets keep the retail environment fresh and aligned with current trends and consumer preferences, helping brands maintain a competitive edge.

Elevating Brands, One Strategy at a Time

By leveraging these comprehensive services, PRESENCE Retail Services not only enhances the efficiency of field operations but also ensures that every brand we partner with is positioned for success. From the initial product launch to ongoing market penetration strategies, our dedicated team, advanced technology, and tailored services work synergistically to elevate brands in the competitive retail landscape. With PRESENCE, brands don’t just occupy space on the shelves; they command attention, engage consumers, and achieve sustainable growth.

PRESENCE is your all-encompassing partner for broker services, market-ready solutions, reporting services, and trade promotion services—contact us today to experience comprehensive support tailored to your business needs