Market Ready Gift Guide

December 12, 2023 |

Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, especially when you’re pressed for time. We’ve put together a selection of offerings from our Market Ready brands that will make everyone’s holiday bright!

Delicious Gifts

We all have a foodie friend or two, so we’ve selected a bunch of excellent products that are guaranteed to delight anyone’s palate!


It’s hard to find an all-in-one spread that’s completely peanut-free, gluten-free, made with organic, natural ingredients, and refined sugar-free. Kokada’s spreads check all the boxes, making them truly different from the rest. These delicious spreads come in a variety of flavors that will please even the pickiest of eaters!

South Chicago Packing 

 Your grill-master friends will be the envy of the neighborhood with this Wagyu Beef Tallow Spray! This is the ULTIMATE ingredient for BBQ-ing, grilling, searing, sautéing, and much, much more! This product is 100% pure premium rendered American Wagyu beef fat – in a convenient, nonstick spray! 

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Carolyn’s Crisps

With the look of a cookie, but the crunch of a cracker, Carolyn’s Crisps are the snack that will never let you down. Available in a variety of great flavors- from Cheddar to Chocolate Chai, Carolyn’s Crisps are a terrific indulgence. Best of all, they are completely plant based, but the flavors are so rich, no one will ever know they’re vegan!

Tubby’s Taste

Danielle Tubbs comes from a long line of Jamaican cake ladies, and the bold flavors she grew up with inspired her delicious line of cookies! Her cookies come in a variety of flavors, from the more traditional like Ginger & Molasses to the most adventurous like Grapefruit Pineapple Hibiscus. No matter your taste, Tubby’s has a cookie you will love! These treats are also vegan, so they can be enjoyed by all. 

Heavenly Waffles

Chef Bob Haney’s goal is to bring taste and culinary flair back to healthy eating. He succeeds with his light and delicious waffle mixes that make for a perfect breakfast indulgence! Pair with some high quality syrup for a wonderful gift for your favorite breakfast lover. 

Click to learn more or purchase  Original Heavenly Waffles® Mix

Holsem Coffee

Do you have a friend who loves lattes? Then Holsem Coffee’s flavored instant lattes will give them a real cup of good cheer! Holsem is dedicated to crafting flavor experiences that are as good to drink as they are for your body. During the holidays, their uniquely indulgent lattes are also available in a limited edition Peppermint Mocha flavor that delivers maximum yum!

Click to learn more or purchase Peppermint Mocha – Holsem Coffee

The Gift of Care

The holidays can be super stressful, and lack of time often puts your needs on the back burner. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some great gifts that you can give to yourself- or any lucky friends!

Barker Wellness

The folks behind the Barker Wellness brand are committed to helping people of all lifestyles find a path to becoming their healthiest selves. They have a wide variety of products with and without CBD, and their bath flakes and soaks are a wonderful way to practice maximum self-care. Share the care with your family and friends- who doesn’t need to de-stress during the holidays?

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Your sleepless friends will be counting sheep in no time with Sandland Sleep Essentials! Sandland’s mission is to deliver the consistent quality sleep that we all need. Their products are available with or without melatonin, and come in a variety of formats, including patches. Best of all, they’re so confident that their products will help you sleep, they’re guaranteed!

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The Holidays are a great time to indulge, and it’s easy to overdo. Hydralyte to the rescue! Every day, we lose fluids and electrolytes that water simply can’t replace on its own. Hydralyte uses a proprietary formula containing a precise amount of glucose and electrolytes to rehydrate you faster than water alone. Staying hydrated will help you power through your to-do list and feel great while you’re doing it!

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Do you find yourself suffering from brain fog or lack of focus? It’s easy to get overwhelmed this time of year, and Procera is there for you! They’ve been developing high quality products for over 15 years, and their innovations to support brain health are truly advanced. Give yourself or your friends the gift of health this year!

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The holiday season is prime time for parties and eating lots of rich food. While everyone loves to indulge, all of those delicious treats can be trouble for your gut. Smidge has amazing small batch probiotics and enzymes to help promote a healthy gut and soothe your stomach. Smidge supplements are crafted with the utmost care and use only the cleanest ingredients. 

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It’s easy to treat yourself to a couple of drinks during the holiday season, but many people can suffer from a histamine reaction from alcohol. Symptoms can include flushed face and neck, sneezing, congestion or digestive distress. OmneDiem Drink HD helps neutralize the histamine, so you can enjoy without worry. If you love red wine but it doesn’t love you back, Drink HD is the drinking buddy you need!

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